At your bar, there is no dress code, no lockout time, no queues at the bar, the DJ plays all your favourites, and the regulars are your close friends. Your bar almost has it all… if only the drinks were a little more exciting!

Relax host with the most, meet Mr Stubbs, our quirky, moustached mixologist. He’s here to help you raise the bar with a range of no-fuss, bar-worthy drinks that are so like the real deal, even your fancy friends will be impressed.

The authentic and delicious Mr Stubbs range is inspired by popular classic cocktails, and includes a Margi, Cosmo, Espresso, Mojo and Bitter Orange.

Each bottle has five perfectly measured and balanced serves. Simply shake and serve!


Inspired by the irresistible espresso martini, this bar-worthy Espresso drink will make your night in feel like a night out!

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This is the easiest Cosmo you’ll ever serve! Inspired by the world-famous Cosmopolitan cocktail, Mr Stubbs has crafted a classic that will impress even your fancy friends.

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Be the VIP of your living room when you shake and serve a Mr Stubbs Margi. This zesty, mouth-watering Margi will rival a real Margarita in Mexico (but way easier to organise).

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Cool off with this punchy Cuban-inspired number! Our Mojo is the perfect refreshment with a harmonious combination of fresh mint, zesty lime and a little sweetness.

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Let Mr. Stubbs take your tastebuds to Italy with this refreshing Bitter Orange drink! It’s a bit bitter and a bit sweet, balanced out with that iconic orange flavour.

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